Black Lagoon - thoughts on eps 1-7

ok so WOW new favourite show.  i like it so much i think i’m gonna buy the dvds already - i downloaded it and it’s ok but it gets really pixelated sometimes and i feel like this is gonna be one of my long lasting favourites soooooo yeah

anyway thoughts!

- Revy is just WOW i love her.  she’s got so much depth already.  i feel like i understand a lot of who she is even though i haven’t seen that much of the show.  her entire life has been a fight to survive, which has left her pretty battered.  i think she might be leaning towards being bipolar?  she definitely has fits of mania and then really low moods.  i love how killing is her way to get back at the world, her way to feel powerful and alive, her way to shut away all the bad feelings that creep at her.  a;sdflkajsdf

- Revy and Rock’s relationship is just awesome.  even before she said it i knew what she was feeling.  Rock is from a completely different life, one that is ease and privilege and everything she didn’t have.  but her animosity towards him is based on more than just their origins - he makes her feel guilty, reminds her that they are actually part of the same world.  with him has come ideas of morality and meaning and compassion into her life, things that don’t belong there, things she can’t deal with.  he’s judging her based on his own perspective, and she hates that because he can’t possibly know what her life is like.  it’s not that she just can’t work with him because he’s “from the other side of the tracks” - she can’t work with him because he challenges who she is, and she feels like he’s taking away everything she’s clung to to survive: power and threat.

OK WOW I’M SORRY this is me jumping the gun and waxing lyrical about characters i’ve only just met sorry if i’m completely off the mark

also i like Betty he’s really awesome.  and ugh Dutch is great he’s such a Hufflepuff (yes i’ve Sorted them all blame my friend Sam he sorts everyone and he’s got me addicted)

but anyway it’s a really fun show and i love the concept and everything about it yay thanks for telling me to watch it :D

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