Fun tea facts: Russian Caravan

Russian Caravan is my favourite type of tea.  A blend of kemum, oolong, and lapsang suchong (resulting in a malty, aromatic, and slightly smoky taste), the tea has an exotic and exciting history.

It gets its name from the route the camel caravans took from China to England.  Although the route through Odessa and across the Mediterranean sea was easier, the trek overland via Russia was favoured because it was thought to give the tea a distinctive and sought-after flavour.  The dry, frozen weather through which it journeyed in Siberia and Mongolia aleviated the blend of the bitterness caused by firing (the method used to dry the tea leaves).  Tea connoisseurs believed the blend got its delicacy of flavour from absorbing the snow’s moisture when it was unloaded at night.  The tea merchant’s campfires gave the blend its smoky aroma.

Basically guys, it’s a delicious blend with a wonderful story.